high light time

June 18 , 2017

The coffee shop continues to dominate my life. We are doing ok without the students, trying to use Facebook, Google, and Yelp to drive business to us, introducing some new items (pesto tomato toasted cheese, bacon brie apple egg sandwich, yogurt granola parfait), and trying to get out costs down while maintaining a consistent quality. Abby Curtis and Gabor did an article on 93 Main in the Bangor Daily. Mary and I both checked it to see if we had said something weird or outrageous, but no, Abby kept us in promotion mode.

Saw Wonder Woman last week and loved it for being a rollicking good time movie. In the fight scene in the small town in Brussels, there is this shot where shit is blowing up all over the place and across the smoky town square you can see the awning of the cafe. That is what cafes with awnings do. They maintain while shit is blowing up all over the place.

Also saw The Book of Henry and loved it, thought it was extremely well done. I don't understand the savage reviews it got. Movies are always made up, impossible fictions. That's why we watch them. I thought it was a classic of films about smart children, like E.T.

Here are two swatches from the rust rich Open Space Festival in Thorndike.