mid-summer report

July 23 , 2017

This is one of those MIFF years where we only have time to see a few films. Instead of opening night, we went to see Sara Trunzo's return to Unity concert with Sassafras Stomp opening. Sara is going to do just fine in the song writing world. After watching The Sounding on Saturday we heard bathroom talk criticizing it for not being realistic. I have a great willingness to suspend disbelief in the interest of escaping into fiction from time to time. That was the best of the four I saw. I was in it for the Shakespeare. The director was gutsy, filming on Monhegan in November. She'll do fine in the movie making business.

I saw Hello Again, an adaptation of a musical. I must have forgotten that I hate musicals because every scene is like something written by a Glee aspirant with the same hyped up emotional tone. There was a lot of sex in the film but no one was having a good time. The Glee formula for scenes does not allow for simply having a good time. There must be overwrought angst and melodrama. I need to see Audra McDonald in something else.

Our annual Bollywood movie was a huge disappointment, a syrupy chic flick thing. No! There should be bank robberies with huge dance scenes, and car chases and zany stuff.

93 Main sponsored On The Roof, a Cuban film about some lost but sweet young people trying to be entrepreneurial.

Down at 93 we are still tweaking the kitchen and the menu and the staffing, giving a work table a corner extension and having more circuits installed on the back wall so we can use the induction plate to make eggs to order. We also plan to extend hours to 4 pm in mid-August just before the students return. I'd like to lure some high schoolers and their teachers in as well. Watching complete seasons of 13 Reasons and Riverdale has shown me that the coffee shop is central to all plots involving high schoolers. Bahoosh and I have joked since winter about our block being the Main Street Enterprize Zone, but with another building in it about to get a renovation, I don't think it's a joke anymore.

In summer our day ends here on the dock watching the Holy Ghost descend on Burnham, docktails in hand.